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"The professional challenge is how to avoid being so stunned by the power

 of modern technology and economic affluence that one does not lose sight

of the fact that people and place matter...


                                                                            - Samuel Mockbee

Wrap Architecture is a full service architectural firm that strives to cultivate space that embraces, encourages and empowers the people that occupy it.

Every project is as unique as its client and our design approach is highly collaborative. We believe that a building should be a tangible expression of its occupants, as well as, the larger context they inhabit. Identifying and understanding the desires of our clients is critical to developing thoughtful and creative design solutions.

Wrap is committed to a more responsible built environment. We aspire to create buildings that nurture the lives of the occupants, the communities they reside in, as well as, the natural environment. We have a long history of incorporating innovative design and technologies into our projects to produce comfortable, durable, energy efficient buildings.