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Candid Wines

Kinzie Industrial Corridor, Chicago, IL

Candid Wines is a local importer and distributor of organic, biodynamic and small production wines. Their focus on maintaining the integrity of their hand selected products both in the temperature control of the space in which they are stored, and in the impact of that effort on the environment, led Candid Wines to question the contractor when told they would need 20 tons of cooling to adequately cool their new warehouse space to desired temperatures.

Wrap was engaged to layout the new tenant space and evaluate it for potential energy saving measures. An energy model which accounted for the condition of the walls and location of the space, orientated on the north side ground floor within a larger conditioned building, allowed various strategies to be compared. Ultimately, understanding the spaces inherent properties coupled with a targeted use of air sealing techniques (filling gaps and voids in the walls with foam) and insulating boarded masonry openings reduced the needed equipment size and ultimately the energy consumption by a third. This significantly reduced both the cost of the buildout and the ultimate impact on the environment.

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