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Revolution Production Brewery

Kennedy Industrial Corridor, Chicago, IL

With the success of the Brewpub and the desire to more widely distribute their beer, Revolution Brewing expanded with a full Production Brewery located in the Kennedy Industrial Corridor. An existing 42,000 sq. ft. vacant tenant space within an industrial warehouse was converted to accommodate a 60 barrel brewhouse, fermentation cellar, and a vintage high speed canning line. The entire production process can be viewed from the public taproom where fresh beer can be enjoyed on tap or purchased in kegs, cans and bottles to go.

The combination of compromised soil conditions and heavy tank loads required extensive foundation work. Great care was taken within budget constraints to include sustainable design solutions for built infrastructure as well as the production process equipment. Measures included energy efficient lighting, occupancy and daylighting controls, energy recovery ventilators to condition fresh air, use of outside winter air for refrigeration, a kettle stack heat exchanger to preheat process water, and waste water management strategies. The roof above the taproom was insulated, solar gain was minimized at south facing clerestory and destratification fans were added for occupant comfort.



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